Abin Design Studio (ADS)

is an international and national award winning architectural design studio, based in Kolkata since 2005 under the leadership of Abin Chaudhuri. Since its inception, Abin Design Studio is exploring the ‘unknown’ journey, experimentation with materials and technology, and the engaging art and culture, aiming to provide a ‘soul in the shell’. Its been featured in south asian cross border list of ” Architectural Digest’s 50 and100 most influential names in architecture and design for the last 7 years .
The studio is engaging design in the urban fabric and peri-urban edge, as a catalyst for deliberate change. The Studio’s work focuses on the idea of holistic design, not just limiting to ideas, but also physical manifestation through multi-disciplinary collaboration. ADS explorations intend to push the boundaries of thought, prevalent socio-cultural landscape and spatial construct, challenging the role of architecture in the society, by being unafraid of unfamiliar explorations.
The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from large scale public buildings , including corporate houses to niche villa projects, each carrying our hallmark of creativity, innovation and experimentation . The studio also strives to introduce inclusive design through exploration opportunities and an open design dialogue in the public realm through installations, urban acupuncture and pro bono practice.
ADS bestowed with the prestigious JK “Architect of the Year” title in India. ADS work has been published as a monograph by The Architectural Review, a renowned global architectural magazine, published in London.


Established in 2009, Tectonix is an internationally recognized and award-winning landscape design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand.
The firm currently operates with 6 studios employing 60 professionals as a multi disciplinary team who deeply shares their own talent and professional experience with strong passion and design under the close supervision of Mr. TU Supasit Tepumnuasakul and other 5 directors whose indispensable experiences are fully fulfilled with many types, scales, locations and working environments of the project; from Hospitality, High-end Residential, High Rise Condominium, Low Rise Housing as well as special design from transportation, school and public park, etc.
The studio encourages every individual to share their talent with collaboration with others to deliver excellent services to the client. The scope of service are from Mater Planning, Conceptual Design, Design Development, Tender Drawing / Construction Documentation to Site Supervision.
Landscape Tectonix’s portfolio is widely covered throughout the Asia Pacific region – Thailand, India, China, Cambodia, PRC etc, in collaboration with leading developers, design consultants, International Hotel Operators, etc. They strongly believe in working as part of the team, either leading or supporting roles to achieve the international design standard and services.